Two players play table tennis against each other

What is Table Tennis Betting?

Two players play table tennis against each other.  The player can earn points when an opposing player cannot return a shot. This can happen for two reasons either by hitting nets or cannot land on the table. Matches are divided into two games.  The game gets awarded to the player for reaching 11 points, confirming both players have a minimum 2-point lead against their opponent player. If any player gets 11 points by leading 2 points, a tie-break happens in this game until one player creates a gap of two points.

How to place a bet on table tennis

place a bet on table tennis
  • Match-winner. This is one of the simplest ways for betting table tennis. The table tennis betting agency offers you the option of selecting one between two players. You just need to select the player who you believe will be the winner.
  • Game winner. This is quite similar to the match-winner. You are provided two options. But the dissimilarity is that punters will place a bet on a specific event, not the entire tournament.
  • Total points every game. This betting permits punters for betting on whether there will be crossed or under previously determined points in a precise game.
  • Race to three, five, and seven pints every game. These markets will permit bettors to support any player among two to bet the first for scoring different points such as three, five, and seven in any precise sport.

Guidance for betting on table tennis

betting on table tennis
  • Present rank is not the whole thing. Punters have to comprehend the styles of every table tennis player. That means it is not always necessary that a higher rank holder is always the winner against a player of the lower rank holder.
  • The form is crucial. The performance is volatile and it can change from match to match. Most of the players will alter their schedules for performing well in major events.
  • Carry out your research. Before placing a bet, punters need to research thoroughly the matches. Punters indeed find difficulty in collecting information about table tennis players due to getting less coverage on social media. For this, you have to work hard to collect information.  Keep in mind that mental and psychological aspects play a crucial role in the performance of players. 
  • Emotions. Since many top players can save their energy to perform well in major events. For this reason, do not take any decision by seeing the success in the short term. Bettors need to be unbiased and always control emotion.

Types of table tennis betting

  • Handicap bets. Before starting the game, punters can place this type of bet. But bettors use the strategy of handicap bets while going on live broadcasts.  Bettors can easily guess about the manners of players. This offers high odds to the bettors.
  • Total points bet. This is one of the simple betting types in this game. Here punters not only can have an idea about the total points but also about the tournament. For this betting, you need to follow the statistics of players and after that, you can get an idea of the performance of players.