Cricket match betting sites

List of Cricket match betting sites

The real fun of betting which people usually enjoy is sports betting because there is lots of space for exploration as well as the bettors will never get bored with it. Cricket has always been the favorite sport in India as well as all over the world. There is a huge fan following for cricket and their players are also loved all over the world for example MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Chris Gayle, and more such players are known all over the world.

Along with the sport itself,  people also love to bet on cricket. This is because these sports provide a wide platform to bet.  When online betting became famous and people started to bet on online betting platforms then the crowd of bettors suddenly doubled. 

In online betting platforms, there is a vast platform to explore as well as to start betting. If you are a newcomer to betting then an online betting platform is the best place for it. 

Many online cricket betting sites have developed but among all, there are few which come in the top 5. 

The few best cricket betting sites


Melbet Cricket betting sites

Melbet is a new betting app but it has become popular in less time and gained massive popularity too. This app is usually famous for cricket betting and it deserves to become famous as well because of its features. Bettors usually choose to select the online app which is best for giving bonuses because it benefits the bettors a lot and Melbet is popular in giving bonuses.

With Melbet betting becomes so easy that bettors cannot stop using it, even the fresh bettors who have started learning betting or online betting can also easily learn on Melbet.


1xbet Cricket betting sites

When betting was banned in India then bettors found another way to start betting which was online betting. Many apps were developed for betting purposes 1xbet was one of the betting cricket apps. This cricket betting app offers almost all the tournaments that take place in cricket. 

The process to start with this app is very simple: bettors only have to register themselves in the app, grab the bonus that the app offers and that’s all.


Parimatch Cricket betting sites

This app is one of the most famous apps till now in cricket online betting apps, every Indian bettor must try this app at least once. The features of Parimatch are far more than any other online betting and this is because it is the most widely used cricket betting app now. 

If you get stuck anywhere while using the app, then customer service is available for you all the time and you can contact them through the app itself.


1win Cricket betting sites

It is a new betting app, but in very less time it has gained large popularity. The bonus which customers get is of a huge amount this helps their customers a lot in betting. Registration and rules of the betting are easy through 1win,