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Omega zero mugen character

This article is about the final boss of Mega Man Zero 3 and optional boss from Mega Man ZX. For other characters named Omega, see Omega (disambiguation) . NOTE: Both Shadow Omega Zero, and Omega Inarabbita are merely color swaps , sound GBA game size) version of Omega is available for a pocket mugen roster. for hard core gamers who wish to use him as a final boss type character. Name, Category, Date, Author. Omega Red · Marvel comics, 14th February , ZVitor. Omega Zero · Mega Man Zero / ZX, 10th June Megaman Zero/Rockman Zero Series Mugen Characters. Most characters from MMX1 remakes (Megaman: Maverick Hunter X . -Added Zero Virus (edited from Zero First Armor) by The Unknown. For Mega Man Zero Collection on the DS, a GameFAQs message board I think that Omega Zero should be an unlockable character in this collection. The same N64Mario that used to make Mugen characters and stages?.

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Sheeps Mugen #1 Omega Zero Arcade Mode!, time: 12:53
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